Custom Coats of Arms: Samples

  1. Official Orders
  2. Other Organizations and Families
  3. Individuals

Official Orders

Order of the White Rose
Blazon: Per bend argent and sable, in pale a rose slipped and leaved and a mullet of seven points inverted argent. Crest: a phoenix in flames. Supporters: dexter, a unicorn reguardant armed and hoofed Or; sinister, a dragon reguardant Or. Motto: Olkar Haleen, Blar Fostra, Mivar Feas, Alrar Abues; Hold Respect, Guard Peace, Know Honor, Teach Love.

Order of the Black Fox
Blazon: Argent, a chevron inverted gules and a fox sejant guardant sable. Supporters: dexter, a woodsman holding a spear; sinister, a maiden holding in her dexter hand a sword, and in her sinister hand two arrows.

Tavern Troupe Performing Order
Blazon: Tierced per pall inverted, azure, sable, and Or, a comedy mask argent, a tragedy mask Or, and a stein sable. Crest: a jester's cap. Supporters: dexter, a maiden playing a double flute; sinister, a maiden playing a lyre.

Order of the Apostles
Blazon: Argent, 13 mullets gules in annulo.

Order of the Dragon Shield
Blazon: Or, a dragon rampant within an orle sable. Motto: Many Swords, One Shield.

Order of the Theren Guard
Blazon: Gules, a gryphon segreant holding a rose argent. Motto: Justice not Law, Deeds not Words.

Other Organizations and Families

Professional Healers Association
Blazon: Argent, three serpents gules, sable, and azure, embowed and fretted in triquetra.

House Giraud
Blazon: Azure, a garden rose argent slipped and leaved within a bordure diminished Or. Crest: a phoenix in flames Or. Supporters: dexter, a lion proper; sinister, a dragon sable. Motto: Truth, Honor, Justice.

Rudel Family
Blazon: Sable, a cross voided argent, overall a gryphon Or. Crest: a pair of wings Or. Supporters: dexter, a lion proper; sinister, an eagle Or, wings elevated. Motto: Sound the Charge.

Y'laeth Family
Blazon: Sable, a hemlock blossom within an annulet of thorns Or surmounted by twelve angenims, all within a bordure diminished argent. Motto: Hidgar we Sanburu.


Blazon: Azure, a gryphon sejant within a bordure of laurel argent. Crest: a laurel wreath. Supporters: two winged horses reguardant argent. Motto: Ri Avtaien.

Blazon: Vert, a lion dragon Or, on a chief argent a demi-sun sanguine. Crest: a lotus argent. Supporters: two wyverns sanguine. Motto: Arsharra'hhan Otoh'lanahh'mus.

Blazon: Sable, two greatswords in saltire and the scales of justice. Crest: a demi gryphon Or holding a soulstone. Supporters: two lions proper. Motto: Justice not Law, Deeds not Words.

Blazon: Argent, a lion salient sable armed and langued gules within a bordure azure. Crest: a stag's attires. Supporters: dexter, a stag reguardant; sinister, a bear reguardant.

Blazon: Cendrée, in saltire, a stiletto and a claymore inverted. Crest: horns argent. Supporters: dexter, an antelope guardant armed cendrée; sinister, a panther guardant sable. Motto: De Inimico Non Loquaris Sed Cogites.

Blazon: Sanguine, a lion Or armed argent. Crest: a rose slipped argent. Supporters: dexter, a dragon reguardant sable; sinister, a bear reguardant sable. Motto: Remember Honor.

Blazon: Sanguine, the sun radiant issuant from a two-headed serpent enarched, heads palewise Or. Motto: Oloh'hhs Peri'el.

Blazon: Azure, two spathas argent and sable in saltire, surmounted by a phoenix.

Blazon: Sable, issuant from a crescent azure, a mullet of seven points argent charged with an eye.

Blazon: Gules, a raven rising sable.

Blazon: Sable, a phoenix Or head urvant.

Blazon: Gules, a cross flory triparted Or, surmounted by two snow leopards combatant armed and langued gules. Motto: Stand Like a Rokk.

Blazon: Purpure, in pale the sun radiant and a beehive beset with four bees, diversely volant.

Blazon: Gules, a swan demi issuing from a crown.

Blazon: Or, a gauntlet sable holding a scimitar, on a chief vert a lion passant reguardant Or.

Blazon: Sanguine, a wolf sejant argent. Motto: Let Justice Be Done.