DragonRealms Highlights for StormFront

Last Updated:
March 2, 2010
29 Lirisa 397

Note: In July 2009, I switched from StormFront to Genie3. This page will remain online, but it is unlikely that there will be any further updates to these highlights.

Genie uses can find my Genie settings here.

1. Description

2. Installation 3. Screen Shots 4. Partial Key H. Other


This is the highlight setup that I use in StormFront. It is very color-intensive, because I designed it so that I can see what's going on without reading every word on the screen. It also has sounds for certain events, such as being hit in combat or gaining a new rank.


Combat: Attacks that you completely block, parry, or evade are highlighted in dark grey so that they don't stand out. I also squelched some of the critters' atmospheric messaging. Attacks that result in stuns or balance penalties are highlighted in different colors. Several critters' deaths are in red.

Wound Highlights: My setup allows you to assess the type and severity of wounds by color. External wounds range from yellow to dark red. Internal wounds range from fuchsia to dark indigo. Scars are desaturated versions of the wound colors.

Experience Pools and Mind States: Range from yellow to red.

Guild Highlights: Each guild has its own color theme. I highlighted not only the guild names but common abbreviations, guild gods, and items commonly used by the guild. (For example, chakrel is highlighted in Barbarian color.) As a result, you can often guess a person's guild, even if he has his Profession tag off.

Race Highlights: Each race (except Human) has its own color theme, and common racial items and languages are also highlighted.

Ignores: I squelched much of the annoying messaging that you get when other people juggle, fold origami, etc. (Your own activity is not squelched.)

Other: There are many other themes, which are described below in the key.


Backing up Your Settings: First, you should export a backup copy of your settings. That way, if you don't like my settings, you can revert to your own settings.
  1. Open StormFront, and go to Options -> Settings -> Export.
  2. Make sure that all of the boxes are checked.
  3. Click Browse to select a suitable location and name for your file.
  4. Click Export.

Importing My Settings: Before you install my highlights, you need to tell StormFront to store your settings locally, rather than on the server. If you attempt to store your settings on the server when you have too many highlights, they will not work. To prevent this:
  1. Go to Options->Settings->Location
  2. Select Local for all options
  3. Click Okay

Now you are ready to import my settings. First, you must download my StormFront.xml settings file. Then open StormFront, and go to Options -> Settings -> Import.

To extract the settings file from the ZIP file, use a program like WinZip or WinRAR.

Below I have indicated which settings must be applied, which are optional (your choice), and which must not be applied, because they are not included in my settings file. Browse for my settings file (StormFront.xml), which you downloaded, and click Import.

Importing My Sounds: If you want to use my sounds, you will need to download my Sounds set. The sounds will not work unless you change the file path for each sound or use the same file path that I used.

C:\Program Files\Games\DragonRealms\StormFront\Sounds

Using my file path is the easier method. Create the Sounds folder there, and extract my WAV files into that folder.

You only need to install my sounds once. If you choose to download updates to my highlights, any new sound triggers will be added automatically.

Screen Shots


Wound Levels

Experience Pools and Mind States

Look {name}


Partial Key

critter arrival
critter begins to advance {sound}
pole weapon range
melee range
weapon lodges
attack stuns critter
attack leaves critter off-balance
attack knocks critter off its feet
attack renders critter unconscious
critter death {sound}
good vitality, fatigue, balance, or position
bad fatigue, balance, or position
you are hit {sound}
you are stunned
failure to retreat
you successfully defend
another person is hit

Wounds and Scars
tended bleeder
level 1 external wound
level 2 external wound
level 3 external wound
level 4 external wound (begin bleeding)
level 5 external wound
level 6 external wound
level 7 external wound
level 8 external wound
level 3 internal wound
level 4 internal wound (may bleed)
level 5 internal wound (definitely bleeds)
level 6 internal wound
level 7 internal wound
level 8 internal wound
level 1 external scar
level 2 external scar
level 3 external scar
level 4 external scar
level 5 external scar
level 6 external scar
level 7 external scar
level 8 external scar
level 3 internal scar
level 4 internal scar
level 5 internal scar
level 6 internal scar
level 7 internal scar
level 8 internal scar

Experience Pools
very focused
very engaged
very riveted
very rapt
nearly locked
mind lock

Mind States
very dense
very stagnant
very frozen

Empaths, Life mana
Moon Mages
Necromancers, Bone Elves
Paladins, Holy mana
Warrior Mages

S'Kra Mur

GameMasters and GameHosts
Order of the Apostles
Order of the Dragon Shield
Order of the Theren Guard
Order of the White Rose
Idon Raiders
Professional Healers Association

coins and boxes
herbs and healing
stealth and poison
magic and cambrinth
your magic errors
beneficial spell wears off {sound}
others' non-guild-specific magical messaging
brawling gear
gwethdesuans and albredine rings
holy sites
offers, new ranks, and other good things {sounds}
miscellaneous errors {sound}
bodies and deaths (in your room) {sound}
doors and other likely entries
water and swimming
starting point for Kraelyst's travel script
arrival (to your room) {sound}
departure (from your room)
arrival (global)
departure/disconnect (global)
deaths (global)