DragonRealms Charts and Spreadsheets

Item Stats (updated 12/9/2020): Stats for weapons, shields, armor, containers, cambrinth, passive regen items, and horse gear.

Magic Spells and Feats (updated 2/9/2018): Spells and feats. (The spell info comes from Elanthipedia.)

Crafted Shields and Armor (updated 3/17/2015): Crafted shield and weapon types, volumes, and coverage areas. Page 2 shows the percentage of hindrance and experience attributed to each body part.

Crafting Material Properties (updated 12/20/2014): Stats for leather, cloth, metal, bone, and stone (compiled from Elanthipedia)

Trader Shop Inventory: I am no longer publishing updates to this spreadsheet, because it has been made obsolete by Etherian's Plaza Shop Browser, which is searchable and more frequently updated.

Viewing the Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets should open in any version of Excel. Most Windows computers have Excel, but if you don't have Excel, you can open these files with LibreOffice. It's free and open-source.

Another option is for you to upload a copy of the spreadsheets to your Google Drive account. You can then view the file using Google Sheets, which even allows you to save it to a different format for offline use.

Explanation of Item Stats Headings

General Stats
Quality Scores

The Qual. and Qual.W ratings are composite scores derived from formulas of my design. They are an attempt to express overall quality in a single number. ("Qual" does not consider weight, while "Qual.W" is the Qual divided by half of the item's weight.) See below for these formulas.

Melee Weapon Stats
Ranged Weapon and Ammunition Stats
Shield Stats
Armor Stats

A note about armor hindrance: On 9/29/2020, GMs increased the granularity of the armor hindrance scale:
Base armor hindrance previously only had eight possible values. This made it difficult to appraise differences between very small and large pieces of armor, which always tended to look insignificant or insane.

Live in all instances, base armor hindrance has been expanded to 15 visible values. The scale uses the same adjectives in the same order as shield hindrance (but doesn't have the same cutoffs). See my follow-up post in Lore \ Appraisal Skill for the new scale.

We did not change the actual stats on any armor or how hindrance functions in combat. We only changed how an armor's base hindrance
looks when you appraise it.

An unfortunate side effect of this change is that you cannot easily compare hindrance on armor appraised before this change to armor appraised after this change. Even though the adjectives that were used in the old scale are still used in the new scale, the cutoffs are not the same. (That is, "moderate" in today's base hindrance scale does not cover the same range as "moderate" in the previous scale.)
To aid in comparing pre-9/29/2020 hindrance appraisals to modern appraisals, I converted the old appraisal numbers to a worst-case estimate of how armor appraised before 9/29/2020 would appraise now. (It's possible that the actual appraisal would show lower hindrance.) I added a new column, "NewHind" to indicate whether armor was actually appraised under the new scale and highlighted estimated hindrance appraisals in yellow; take those with a grain of salt.

I will update pre-9/29/2020 hindrance numbers with fresh appraisals as time and access permit.
Container Stats
Cambrinth/Gaethzen Stats

Passive Regen Items